Logistics Software for Organizations

Rootable helps community-based organizations distribute resources. It manages schedules, deliveries, donations, volunteers, and data.

Our Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

What is an MVP? It provides early users with just enough features. Those users guide future development. We're early in our life span, with time and opportunity for improvement.

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Volunteer Management

Volunteers sign up for available shifts through a mobile friendly interface. On a shift, they can log the types and weights of food.

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Flexible Scheduling

Need to schedule a shift every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month? We modeled our scheduling feature after Google calendar.

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Data Tracking

On shifts, volunteers have the opportunity to log the type of food and weight they pick up & deliver. Export the data to a spreadsheet of your choice.

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Multiple Rescue Models

We cover hubs, decentralized, and hybrid models. Setup shifts with as many pickups and dropoffs as needed.


There are two types of organizational users in Rootable.

Admins have access to the bulk of functionality. They set up donors, recipients, hubs, shifts, tasks, and invite users.

Volunteers pick up open shifts and log data.

Our pricing plans

Rootable is a donation-based, fair exchange software that provides logistics to any community-based group, regardless of ability to pay. Inspired by the SAME Cafe in Denver, CO we offer the following opportunities in exchange for the software:

  • Determine your cost.

  • Choose your payment timeframe.

  • Sponsor a feature.

  • Write a grant.

  • Participate in design.

  • Join a decision-making committee.

FRA Membership
  • A peer network.

  • Check out the Food Rescue Alliance.

  • Learn from others.

Join FRA
Your Own Way
  • Consider your assets.

  • Offer a trade.

  • Or host the code yourself.


About us

Rootable is software as movement building - a mechanism to practice open, flexible, cooperatively-owned systems to build collective power.

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User Ownership

We're becoming a platform coop. That means the software is jointly owned and democratically controlled by the organizations that use it.

The future of the software is not in any one organization's hands. There is not "one right way" to operate.

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Collective Power

How might we use data to highlight communities & promote equitable resource distribution? One idea is shared donor receipts.

Streamlining data collection with smaller localized orgs may increase national donations.

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"The food system is not broken; it's working ... as a caste system based on demographics, economics, & race." Logistics alone won't solve hunger.

Software streamlines logistics so organizations can build and leverage relationships.

Contributing Organizations

The following organizations have contributed ideas, inspiration, and time to Rootable.

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Rootable strives to be a collaborator, not a competitor, with other applications in the space. Ideally, sharing protocols and data to collectively impact issues around food insecurity in an open network. We also can't meet every organizations needs. Consider these other options for your organization:

Contact us

Questions, comments, collaborations?

  • Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A

  • software@foodrescuealliance.org